Muddy Wrestling Feet

Fem / Fem outdoor wrestling Pictureset.. High Def Gallery. Wahtch the muddy feet of our girls while wrestling at the yard.

Manu, 29 j, 52 kg, 173 cm vs Olga, 22 j, 60 kg 170. This was the first fight for Olga! Olga is very strong in arms and legs! Another special, during the fight the girls getting very wet! We made artificial rain! Olga have a lot of power in her arms and especially in her legs! It was very hard for Manu to fight against Olga. Who do you think win, the Newcomer or the routine Girl? In this fight you see a lot of leglocks, submission holds and schoolgirl pins. High quality pics 3.000 x 2008 !

Fighting Girls Feet

Another great Set of fighting girls series. Sexy Oil Wrestling Scenes online now!


Manu, 29 j, 52 kg, 173 cm vs Carina, 20j, 56 kg 175 cm. This was the first live fight for Carina! In this fight both girls fighting hard to win the competition. You see a lot of leglocks, some headlocks, submission holds, schoolgirl pins and a lot of hot oil! The result of this match was 4:3! Starts with 2 long armwrestling matches! High Quality 3008 x 2000!